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    Waiting for your beloved weekend, just so you could step right out to look for sari in crowded city spaces, is an old fashioned way to go by shopping. Come, step into India's leading online fashion and lifestyle shopping store for women, to satiate all your fashion needs. We promise you a premium experience with the choicest of sarees, a multitude of different brands, a host of patterns and colours to suit your personality, all of this within your budget. Sounds surreal? It's time you tried it!Sarees     

    Saree: A winsome fusion of tradition and style

    How fortunate is an Indian woman! Why you ask? Every time she dreams of being draped in something that celebrates who she is, she has an array of options laid out in front of her. All these choices can be collectively called under this one decorative denomination: Saree. If a poem could be woven into a fabric, then it could rightly be called a 'Saree'. When you wear a saree, you are not just wearing an attire which makes you feel graceful, you are wrapping yourself in multiple layers of artfulness. There is a reason this nine yards of sheer grandeur has stood the test of time. Now known under names aplenty, Silk sarees, Chiffon, Banarasi, Georgette or Paithani, not much has changed, for the essence remains the same.


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    Every time you see a woman in a saree, don’t your eyes do a double take? They look sensuous and impressively charming in those 6 yards of wonder. Be it a friend’s party or a family wedding, sarees are the easiest way to steal the spotlight!

    Check Our Saree styles

    You can never assume that this traditional Indian garment has limited styles. Sarees have hundreds of varieties from chiffon sarees to cotton ones, from Mysore silks to gorgeous Benarasis, from the Uppada Handlooms to the designer sarees.Sarees

    Silk sarees are the lustrous beauties that can effortlessly take you from girly to glamorous. You would be spoilt for choice with the Paithani sarees of Maharastra, the Banarasi sarees of bengal, or the Kanjivaram Sarees of Tamil Nadu that will give you an elegant appearance anytime. For elaborate pujas and traditional functions, go for sarees online shopping for a perfect royal get-up.

    Cotton sarees aren’t far behind either as these minimal pieces are all about comfort and elegance fused into one. You can be your office fashionista or simply wear these for your everyday chores. Team these up with matching blouses and simple accessories and you are ready to rule the world!

    The sarees on your to-buy list have to be the chiffon and georgette sarees as they can give a dramatic spin to your look, add some extra oomph and get you some appreciative smiles. These transparent and semi-transparent pieces have been utilized by designers and fashionistas for creatively styled appearances for the right amount of sensuality. Online shopping will make it easier for you to be the the queen of any party with these lovely drapes and a hint of some statement jewellery.

    If you have any upcoming event and really think you have nothing new to wear, sign-up for some online saree shopping. With thousands of styles, colours and fabrics you won't be disappointed. And no, it really isn't too hard to wear a saree! So, switch to sarees today!

    A Saree is a 6 yards long fabric considered as the traditional attire among Indian women, which can be worn in multiple ways. 

    How To Wear A Saree Perfectly In 5 Simple Steps

    1. It's always a good idea to start draping your saree with the footwear of your choice on. Also, make sure the colour of your inskirt perfectly matches that of your saree. Bonus tip: Collect a lot of safety pins as they are going to come handy!

    2. Now hold the saree so that the longer part can be draped around you. Hold on to one end of the saree and tuck it inside the inskirt at your left hip. Wrap it around you, past your navel. Continue until you reach your navel again. Make sure the saree is not high enough to reveal your feet or footwear. Use a safety pin to secure the saree in place. 

    3. Hold the other end of your saree, the slightly more decorated end (traditionally called the 'pallu'). This other end goes over your shoulders and you have to make the pleats. Use your fingers to space the pleats uniformly. Have someone hold this end to keep the pleats in place or just use a hair clip. 

    4. Pull the fabric from the top left of the inskirt and wrap it diagonally over your love handles. Tuck this into the inskirt. Start pleating the remaining fabric and go on until it fits your waist. 

    5. Pin the front skirt pleats together at the top. Make sure they are the same length as the inskirt. Use more safety pins to secure your saree in place.

    After all, life is a movie set, #HarDinFashionKaro!

    Questions & Answers

    1. What is a Sari/Saree? When and where is it worn?

    The sari,  is a single piece of fabric five to nine yards long created from a single piece of fabric five to nine yards long, which is wrapped around a woman's body in a variety of ways. The resulting garment can be practical working attire or an elegant ceremonial gown, depending on the type of fabric used and the style of draping.

    The sari can be worn on multiple occasions like a casual event, a formal or a festive event. It is worn in many regions in India and also outside India like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

    2. Why do women wear Sarees in India? Why saree is the best outfit for women? Why Indian beauties love to wear sarees? What is the importance of sarees in India culture? Why sarees is a traditional indian outfit?

    The people of India have always preferred loose, flowing garments because they were practical in the hot climate of southern Asia, and the sari, woven of cotton or silk, was both cool and graceful. Though rich and poor alike wore the sari, the wealthy could afford to have fine silk fabric with costly decorations, while the poor might wear rough plain cotton.

    As sarees can be worn by different ages of women, for different occasions, its popularity never seems to be ending. Sarees have existed in India for more than 1000 years.

    The simplicity, economic ability and easy availability of sarees have made it a traditional Indian outfit for years. The saree has been accepted a traditional Indian outfit in various states of India and it has always been every women’s goto attire for festivities and weddings no matter how modern the Indian woman has become.

    3. Why is saree considered sensuous or sexy? Why are sarees always in vogue?

    Sarees can be sheer elegance or can be sexy that adds oomph to a woman’s attire. Sarees are always in vogue, as many Bollywood celebrities having been showcasing the Indian saree on International networks.

    Sarees have been every woman’s staple attire. The choices in fabrics available, the colours, the different price ranges that it offers, make it a comfort garment that everyone wants to own.

    Bollywood celebrities have been wearing the saree on many International podiums and thus the saree has become famous even in countries outside India. Many foreigners that visit India make it a point to buy a saree or even drape themselves in this garment. Hence its becoming an attire that is not only limited to India.

    4. Why sarees are the best outfit for every occasion and festival?

    Sarees, being comfortable and graceful at the same time, are the number one choice for every Indian woman. They come in a variety of textures, colors, embroideries & fabrics that leaves one with no better option than adorning these beautiful pieces of elegance.

    5. How to choose a perfect saree for your body type?

    1. Triangle bodyshape - Women with triangle or pear body shape tend to have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. They should opt for fabrics like chiffon and georgettes, as these would balance out their upper and lower part. Stay away from mermaid cuts that would emphasize your lower body. Seedha pallu style in draping, will make your body look proportionate. Prints and embroidery work on the upper body will take away the attention away from the broader hipline. Smaller neckline on the blouse & puff sleeves work well for triangle shaped bodies.
    2. Inverted triangle bodyshape - Women with this body type have comparatively broader shoulders and a bigger bustline with smaller waist and thighs. Sarees will work very well for you. Avoid cap sleeve blouses, as they accentuate your upper body. Go for 3/4th sleeves or sleeveless blouses. One can wear georgettes, crepes and even net if you want show off your fabulous waistline. Pin your saree up on the shoulder and make sure the pallu does not spill from the shoulder edges.
    3. Round bodyshape - Round or Apple shaped women have a heavier upper body with slender legs and arms. Round body shape women should flaunt their assets like their slender arms and legs. Hence they should choose appropriate fabrics as well. Flowy fabrics rather than stiffer ones would be the best choice.
    4. Rectangle bodyshape - Women having rectangle bodyshape should stay away from solid colours since they will make you look leaner. Instead, choose crepes and satin sarees in interesting prints or surface embroidery, as they create folds and drapes that look amazing. Don’t be afraid to wear sarees with heavy borders and prints.
    5. Hour glass bodyshape Women who are blessed with proportionate bust, hips and have a slimmer waist, sarees are your best friend. Choose any fabric that highlights your waist, but in slightly darker colors so that the rest of curves are a bit muted. You can  wear chiffons, georgette or silks, and make sure the drapes around the bodice are not too elaborate.

     6. What are the different types of sarees that every woman should own? 

    1. Banarasi Sarees - Almost all Indian weddings would be incomplete without Banarsi sarees. It imbibes heavy gold and silver work embroideries. The range of saree designs available could make it a tough call while selecting a saree for a wedding.
    2. South Silk Sarees - With the boon of sericulture technology in India, silk sarees are being manufactured on a large scale in India. Silk sarees are famous from the regions like Mysore and Kanchipuram.
    3. Madhubani Printed Sarees - Inspired from the famous madhubani painting, Madhubani printed sarees take a long time to be made as it requires skilled artisans. It uses natural dyes and twigs for the art to be done on the saree.
    4. Chanderi Sarees - Chanderi sarees come from different regions in Madhya Pradesh. This saree is light in weight and is the perfect blend of silk and cotton fabrics. 
    5. Tant Sarees - A traditional saree of Bengal is weaved in many parts of it. It is a very light fabric saree and economical to the pocket as well. It finds place in the wardrobe of almost every woman.
    6. Sambalpuri Sarees - A traditional handwoven ikat saree that comes from the state of Odisha. The length of the saree can range from 4 to 9 meters.
    7. Bandhani Sarees - Bandhani sarees also known as Bandhej are famous from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. These sarees are made by a procedure of tying the fabric in pattern and then dipping it into the dye.

     7. Which are the best Indian sarees to wear in festivals and different occasions?

    1. Day wear saree - Preferably cotton sarees in light colours works best for day wear.
    2. Partywear sarees - Designer sarees in net and lace, and mostly in darker hues.
    3. Wedding sareesHeavy border work sarees in brighter colours
    4. Sarees for business meetings - Minimalistic and plain in fabrics like chiffon, cotton or raw silk sarees. The colour should be light and preferably muted.
    5. Sarees for a date night - Opt for sarees in nudes shades of chiffon and nets for a date night.
    6. Festive wear sarees - Wear designer net or silk sarees during this time. Festive sarees can be moderately heavy and you can choose matching jewellery with it.
    7. Brunch or Fancy lunch sarees - For a kitty party or day out with the girls, choose plain but stylish sarees in chiffon, net and georgette. You can also drape saree differently to get compliments for your style.
    8. Sarees for a Puja - When you are invited to a puja, or religious ceremony, choose a traditional saree. You could either wear a plain kanjeeravam saree or Bengali tant cotton sarees with broad borders.
    9. Sarees for a vacation - Sarees in florals or tropical prints in light fabrics like chiffons and georgette looks best even on a vacation.
    10. Bridal sareesHeavily embellished sarees in bright shades of reds, orange,maroons and pinks.

    8. What is the latest trend is sarees? What is today’s fashion in party wear sarees?

    The latest trends in sarees are half and half saree, border sarees, heavy embroidery sarees, sarees with strong colours and having tassle and fringe endings.

    The latest designs like long blouses, different colored pleats, unique borders, fringe and tassle ends pallu, uniquely draped sarees and concept sarees are also becoming the latest saree trends.

    9. What are different style of wearing sarees?Top Traditional sarees draping ideas from different parts of India? Dos and Don’ts of wearing a saree?

    1. Halakki Vokkaliga from Karnataka

    Worn by the native women of Karnataka, this style of saree if draped the right way wouldnt require a saree blouse or a peticoat. This saree is draped around the neck and the lower part appears as a sarong.

    2. Bootheyara from Karnataka

    This saree is draped from an 8-yard saree, this can be used either as a one-piece lower pant style drape, or a two-piece drape which involves a shawl to cover the bust, depending on the comfort of the wearer.

    3. Athpourey shari from Bengal

    Everything about Bengali culture seems to be sweet, even the way they wear their sarees looks sweet! This drape style has box pleats in the front and the pallu comes from back to front on both sides of the shoulder.

    4. Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh

    Undoubtedly a very elegant drape. This saree is draped from the left to right. The longer the saree the better the kappulu style looks. Also two unique features of this saree are — one is the narrow pleats at the back which flatter the form and second is the two cascades of cloth formed by twisting the end piece twice around the body. The pallu is thrown over the right shoulder and can hang loose or be pulled to cover both the shoulders or wrapped around the neck as per convenience.

    5. Nauvari saree from Maharashtra

    The Nauvari saree style worn by the women of Maharashtra, gives them ease in movement as this saree is worn in dhoti style, wrapped around their legs on the lower part. Whereas the upper part of the saree resembles a normal saree.

    6. Mohiniattam from Kerala

    Typically worn by the women of Kerala who perform the dance form Mohiniattam. This saree requires fabrics like silk which can hold the shape for long hours. The pleats fall in the front and looks like an accordion instrument.

    7. Nivi drape from Andhra Pradesh

    We can safely say that modern day saree drape is derived from the Nivi drape of Andhra Pradesh. Though not very work friendly, this style accentuates a woman’s curves in the best way and looks extremely regal. Also this style of saree seems to be worn a bit higher and reveals your ankles.

    8. Seedha pallu from Gujarat, UP and Odisha

    Resembling a lehenga choli the pallu of the saree is worn from back to front. This helps in ease of movement for the women who wear them.

    9. Surguja from Chhattisgarh

    Worn by the dancers of Chattisgarh, the lower half is draped around the body like a lungi and the upper half i.e the pallu is worn around the head.

    10. Gol sari (Parsi drape)

    Similar to the Gujarati saree drape , this style is women by Parsi women. They prefer chiffons or georgettes for draping this saree style. The pallu comes from back to front over the shoulder.

    11. Mekhela chador from Assam

    This saree drape style is worn by the petite beauties of Assam. It comes in two main pieces — the bottom is worn like a sarong with pleats in the front whereas one end of the upper garment is tucked to the left side of the waist in a triangle and the other end is thrown over the shoulder like a shawl.

    12. Madisaru from Tamil Nadu

    A very important saree draping style that is worn during festivities and important functions in the Iyer and Iyengar communities of Tamil Nadu. This saree uses a 9 yard saree that is draped partly like a dhoti and partly like a saree.



    10. Tips to look slim in sarees? What can be tips for a fat girl for wearing saree?

    1. Get the right fabric - Women who wear plus size are always advised to select sarees which are made of lightweight fabrics like crepe and georgette. Like crepe and georgette, chiffon sarees would stick to your body and can make you look slimmer.
    2. Camouflage it with perfect prints - Sarees with prints like , abstract prints, aztec prints, prints which create an illusion are the best suitable for plus size women.
    3. Say no to broad borders - Stay away with heavily embellished or embroidered borders, as it adds on more weight to your look
    4. Flaunt your curves with a perfect drape - Tightly tuck in your saree at the waist so that it doesn’t add volume to your body. Keep the palla of the sari loose open on your arm and avoid pleating it all on your shoulder. Make minimum pleats just to get the perfect drape and shape. Women going with a lot of pleats makes them look heavy bottomed and bulgy from their stomachs.

    11. How to drape saree for short height?What tips can a short girl get for wearing a saree?

    1. Get the right fabric - Like crepe and georgette, chiffon sarees would stick to your body and can make you look slimmer without adding volume to your figure.
    2. Camouflage it with perfect prints - Vertical designs and patterns will add length to your height.
    3. Say no to broad borders - Stay away with heavily embellished or embroidered borders, as it adds on more weight to your look
    4. Drape your saree well - Tuck your saree properly at the waist so that it doesn’t add volume to your body. Pleat the pallu of your saree on your shoulders.
    5. Add on heels - Wearing heels with the saree will also add height and make you look tall.
    6. Open Necklines - Opt for saree blouses with open necklines rather than closed necklines as they would give an illusion of a taller frame.

    12.What accessories I can wear with a saree?

    Jewellery like ethnic earrings and long or heavy ethnic necklaces look good on sarees. Always balance the jewellery worn with the saree. If the saree has heavy work avoiding heavy jewellery. Carrying a clutch purse also adds to the completeness of the saree. 

    13.What do you need to know before buying a wedding lehenga or saree?

    1. Decide on the Budget - It’s better to decide on a budget. You will find so many designs, colors, patterns, fabrics that you will not be able to decide what to choose and what not to. When you will have a price range in your mind, the designer lehengas will automatically be sorted as per the price range and it will become easier for you to choose.  
    2. Research Online - With the ecommerce advancements, these days you can easily find so many designer lehengas online. Even if you don’t have the confidence of buying your wedding lehenga online, still you can go through the wedding lehenga designs and do a little bit of research that which type of lehengas are available in your decided price range.
    3. Check the Lehenga Fittings - Always go for lehenga trials as it will help you understand the practicality of the outfit on D-day.
    4. Keep the jewellery in mind - If you have selected a golden base bridal jewelry then make sure that your wedding lehenga has golden embroidery and if the jewelry has silver base then make sure that the bridal lehenga has silver zardozi work.
    5. Don’t Over-do things - Avoid overdoing things just because you have peer pressure or feel it’s your big day and you HAVE to spend a lot. Sometimes minimalism and elegance gave steal the show. Ensure that you have well researched your outfit and can picture the exact look of you wearing it in your mind.

    14. What are the tricks to wear saree easily and quickly?

    Always be organised a day before you are planning to wear a saree. Being organised can take you a long way and help you look stunningly elegant on the day you wear your saree. Couple of points to keep in mind while draping a saree would be -

    1. Keep safety pins handy
    2. Wear a good fitted peticoat. If you plan to wear a net or sheer saree you could opt to wear a satin finish peticoat.
    3. Wear your saree blouse , peticoat and heels before you drape your saree. This will give you an idea how long to need to drape the saree.
    4. Another quick trick would be to invest in stitched sarees. These ones could save you alot of time and effort.

    15. What types of sarees are in fashion, now?

    Printed sarees, net and lace sarees and saree gowns seem to be in vogue these days.

    16. What should I know before buying a saree? Dos & Don’t of buying a saree?

    1. Pick a fabric that is easy to handle - If you are going to wear a saree for the first time, selecting fabrics that fall easily would be a good idea. Example - Georgette, Chiffons.
    2. Have a budget in mind - It’s always good to have a budget in mind while shopping for a saree as it will save you the trouble of getting distracted with the plethora of options available in the market.
    3. Buy the saree according to the occasion you plan to wear it for - To clear the airs of doubt while saree shopping, stay focused by purchasing the saree according to the occasion you plan to wear it for.