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  • Navy Blue Georgette Desinger Saree

    Navya Fashion

    Navy Blue Georgette Desinger Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 599 Rs. 1999( 70% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Orange Georgette Embroidered  Saree


    Orange Georgette Embroidered Saree

    Rs. 1020 Rs. 1999( 49% OFF )

  • Beige Geoegette Printed Saree


    Beige Geoegette Printed Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 448 Rs. 999( 55% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Maroon Bhagalpuri Silk Border Sarees


    Maroon Bhagalpuri Silk Border Sarees

    Rs. 543 Rs. 1500( 64% OFF )

  • White Bhagalpuri Silk Printed Saree

    Shri Sai International

    White Bhagalpuri Silk Printed Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 407 Rs. 999( 59% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Navy Border Georgette Saree

    Bhavna Creation

    Navy Border Georgette Saree

    Rs. 835 Rs. 1999( 58% OFF )

  • Cotton Blue & Black Striped Saree


    Cotton Blue & Black Striped Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 499 Rs. 1999( 75% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Brown Cotton Plain Saree

    Fashion Forever

    Brown Cotton Plain Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 359 Rs. 999( 64% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Purple Cotton Border Sarees

    Indian Beauty

    Purple Cotton Border Sarees

    Rs. 499 Rs. 999( 50% OFF )

  • Green Georgette Floral Printed Saree

    Mahi Clothings

    Green Georgette Floral Printed Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 1154 Rs. 2999( 62% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Pink Chiffon Plain Saree


    Pink Chiffon Plain Saree

    Rs. 699 Rs. 1999( 65% OFF )

  • Turquoise and Beige Dori Work Half & Half Saree


    Turquoise and Beige Dori Work Half & Half Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 941 Rs. 3599( 74% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Beige Cotton Silk Saree


    Beige Cotton Silk Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 539 Rs. 1600( 66% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Combo of 2 Faux Georgette  Printed Sarees


    Combo of 2 Faux Georgette Printed Sarees

    OFFER : Rs. 798 Rs. 2499( 68% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Pink Georgette Ombre Printed Saree

    Bhavna Creation

    Pink Georgette Ombre Printed Saree

    Rs. 899 Rs. 1599( 44% OFF )

  • Black Georgette Printed Saree


    Black Georgette Printed Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 449 Rs. 1247( 64% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Navy Net Embroidery Saree

    Jagdamba Creation

    Navy Net Embroidery Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 696 Rs. 1830( 62% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Beige & Purple Plain georgette saree

    Bhavna Creation

    Beige & Purple Plain georgette saree

    Rs. 599 Rs. 1599( 63% OFF )

  • Pink and Cream Georgette embroidered saree.

    Pratham Blue

    Pink and Cream Georgette embroidered saree.

    Rs. 899 Rs. 2500( 64% OFF )

  • Crepe Beige & Black Saree

    Jaanvi Fashion

    Crepe Beige & Black Saree

    Rs. 599 Rs. 1500( 60% OFF )

  • Coral Chiffon Designer Saree

    Ishika Enterprise

    Coral Chiffon Designer Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 1383 Rs. 10727( 87% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • PInk & Beige Georgette Half & Half Saree


    PInk & Beige Georgette Half & Half Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 1649 Rs. 5895( 72% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Red Georgette Plain Saree


    Red Georgette Plain Saree

    OFFER : Rs. 581 Rs. 1251( 54% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

  • Red crepe plain saree


    Red crepe plain saree

    OFFER : Rs. 629 Rs. 1425( 56% OFF )

    Valid for 1 day only

Sarees Online

Planning to buy saree online? Why look anywhere else! Voonik Gives You Real Online Shopping Experience

Waiting for your beloved weekend, just so you could step right out to look for sari in crowded city spaces, is an old fashioned way to go by shopping. Come, step into India's leading online fashion and lifestyle shopping store for women, to satiate all your fashion needs. We promise you a premium experience with the choicest of sarees, a multitude of different brands, a host of patterns and colours to suit your personality, all of this within your budget. Sounds surreal? It's time you tried it!Sarees     

Saree: A winsome fusion of tradition and style

How fortunate is an Indian woman! Why you ask? Every time she dreams of being draped in something that celebrates who she is, she has an array of options laid out in front of her. All these choices can be collectively called under this one decorative denomination: Saree. If a poem could be woven into a fabric, then it could rightly be called a 'Saree'. When you wear a saree, you are not just wearing an attire which makes you feel graceful, you are wrapping yourself in multiple layers of artfulness. There is a reason this nine yards of sheer grandeur has stood the test of time. Now known under names aplenty, Silk sarees, Chiffon, Banarasi, Georgette or Paithani, not much has changed, for the essence remains the same.


Ever dreamt of having a Personal Stylist?

Your wish has been granted! Think of Voonik as a Personal Stylist at your fingertips. Here, you can find recommendations on sarees that complement your personality, suit your lifestyle and fit well within your budget! You can now dress up like your favourite celebrity as we bring you Bollywood, Fancy, Trendy and Designer Sarees, to make sure you look your stunning best! An innovation like no other, we are here to make sure you always stay in vogue.Sarees Designs

Voonik: Your one stop fashion destination

Say goodbye to inconvenient shopping experiences, which last all day long, with nothing in your bag by the end of it. Switch to online shopping and enter a world of customised fashion at affordable prices, with us. Choose from a wide range of sarees based on the patterns, colours, prints and styles you like, all this with the hottest of discounts, offers and the best of deals! The world has moved on to a more hassle free way of shopping, don't be left behind. With pan India shipping, cash on delivery option and a lovely packaging, receiving your product from us feels like a gift from you, to you!

Every time you see a woman in a saree, don’t your eyes do a double take? They look sensuous and impressively charming in those 6 yards of wonder. Be it a friend’s party or a family wedding, sarees are the easiest way to steal the spotlight!

Check Our Saree styles

You can never assume that this traditional Indian garment has limited styles. Sarees have hundreds of varieties from chiffon sarees to cotton ones, from Mysore silks to gorgeous Benarasis, from the Uppada Handlooms to the designer sarees.Sarees

Silk sarees are the lustrous beauties that can effortlessly take you from girly to glamorous. You would be spoilt for choice with the Paithani sarees of Maharastra, the Banarasi sarees of bengal, or the Kanjivaram Sarees of Tamil Nadu that will give you an elegant appearance anytime. For elaborate pujas and traditional functions, you can even shop these sarees online for a perfect royal get-up.

Cotton sarees aren’t far behind either as these minimal pieces are all about comfort and elegance fused into one. You can be your office fashionista or simply wear these for your everyday chores. Team these up with matching blouses and simple accessories and you are ready to rule the world!

The sarees on your to-buy list have to be the chiffon and georgette sarees as they can give a dramatic spin to your look, add some extra oomph and get you some appreciative smiles. These transparent and semi-transparent pieces have been utilized by designers and fashionistas for creatively styled appearances for the right amount of sensuality. Online shopping will make it easier for you to be the the queen of any party with these lovely drapes and a hint of some statement jewellery.

If you have any upcoming event and really think you have nothing new to wear, sign-up for some online saree shopping. With thousands of styles, colours and fabrics you won't be disappointed. And no, it really isn't too hard to wear a saree! So, switch to sarees today!

A Saree is a 6 yards long fabric considered as the traditional attire among Indian women, which can be worn in multiple ways. 

How To Wear A Saree Perfectly In 5 Simple Steps

1. It's always a good idea to start draping your saree with the footwear of your choice on. Also, make sure the colour of your inskirt perfectly matches that of your saree. Bonus tip: Collect a lot of safety pins as they are going to come handy!

2. Now hold the saree so that the longer part can be draped around you. Hold on to one end of the saree and tuck it inside the inskirt at your left hip. Wrap it around you, past your navel. Continue until you reach your navel again. Make sure the saree is not high enough to reveal your feet or footwear. Use a safety pin to secure the saree in place. 

3. Hold the other end of your saree, the slightly more decorated end (traditionally called the 'pallu'). This other end goes over your shoulders and you have to make the pleats. Use your fingers to space the pleats uniformly. Have someone hold this end to keep the pleats in place or just use a hair clip. 

4. Pull the fabric from the top left of the inskirt and wrap it diagonally over your love handles. Tuck this into the inskirt. Start pleating the remaining fabric and go on until it fits your waist. 

5. Pin the front skirt pleats together at the top. Make sure they are the same length as the inskirt. Use more safety pins to secure your saree in place.

After all, life is a movie set, #HarDinFashionKaro!


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