• Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]
  • Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]
  • Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]
  • Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]
  • Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]
Elegant gold colour bracelet [Jewellery]

elegant gold colour bracelet [jewellery]


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    Accessories are an eminent part of today is fashion conscious world and jewelry is an important part of it. The kind of jewelry you wear reflects not only your taste in fashion but it is also throws light on your personality. An elegant collection of Jewelry is a must update for your wardrobe. We bring to you such imitation jewellery that adds grace and charm to your collection. Here we have a gracefully designed bracelet with a gold coloured metal base. Since time immemorial nature has been a constant source of inspiration for craftsmen and designers all over the world. This beautifully designed bracelet draws inspiration from the same source, Mother Nature. This elegant piece of jewelry is designed to resemble a flower. Over the golden coloured metal are discreetly designed strokes of floral petals that are embedded with shimmery stones that give a diamond like effect to the bracelet. The shiny look of these stones perfectly blends with the gold colour and makes this piece of jewelry look extravagant. This imitation bracelet exudes a prominent style statement and its perfectness is completed with a large red stone. The red Ruby like stone is very aesthetically placed right in the centre of the flower petals. Four shimmery golden prongs majestically surround the large red stone. The presence of nine oval shaped petals surrounding the red Ruby like stone makes the bracelet look royal. The beauty of the midnight red coloured stone is truly captivating. This bracelet has extension of three rows of channels of diamond like stones on the band that compliments its gracefulness. You surely cannot miss owning this exclusive piece. This bracelet compliments your distinctive style. It certainly also flatters the elegance and distinct femininity gracefully. Whenever you happen to adorn this imitation jewellery piece, praises and yearning eyes are bound to follow.


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