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Men Underwear

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    Underwear tends to be the overlooked part of a man’s everyday outfit, but is actually vital to your everyday comfort and confidence. Which is why, we at Voonik have the best selection in terms of products, designs, colours and styles for you. Whatever the type, Briefs, boxer briefs or boxer underwear – Choose the innerwear style that you prefer. Shop for your choice of best men’s underwear at Voonik and feel the confidence that comes with uncompromised comfort.

    Our men’s underwear section has a wide range of products. We have male underwear in a variety of colours, patterns and designs suited to every men. We stock brands like Basics, Chromozone, Dixcy, Jockey, Lazyone, Dollar Bigboss, American Elm etc. as well as premium brands like Modus Vivendi and Andrew Christian – constituting a collection that falls in a price range beginning from something as low as Rs.100 to Rs.4000.

    Take care while washing and maintain your innerwear collection. Use  cool or luke warm water always. If you are using a machine to wash the product, use slow spin speeds and gentle wash options. High temperatures can affect the elastic and impact the fitting . Cold rinse is recommended.

    Be comfortable and confident everyday with our wide collection of men's underwear. We only offer brands with the most comfortable fabrics, stretchable elastic bands and shapes contoured to fit the body perfectly without causing any movement restriction or irritation. Shop for your daily essentials with absolute ease and get ready to face the world with confidence.